Thursday, 19 February 2009

Kentmere - Yoke - Ill Bell - Froswick - Mardale Ill Bell. April 2006

After my last walk on Great Gable, I wanted to try something easier; something less of a climb or scramble. The fells around Kentmere seemed a good choice. In addition to being a easy place to drive too, the fells around that area, although high, are much more gentle compared to the same steep gradient of Great Gable.

After finding somewhere to park in a field near the village, I set off towards the Garburn Pass which would take me to the top of a ridge. This was a nice gentle track which gained height gradually. After half an hour of walking I reached the summit of the pass, where I got a fantastic view down into the Troutbeck Valley with Wansfell on the far side. I turned off the stoney track, and headed north over peaty ground which eventually turned into a path along the ridge.

The first summit I reached was Yoke. I pressed on. The path went downwards, loosing considerable height before rising again to the summit of Ill Bell. This was a facinating fell with two summit Cairns. I eat my lunch here looking south where I got a great view of Lake Windermere. On the other side of the valley to the west, there was a clear view of Red Screes.

After lunch I continued north. The height of the ridge descended, loosing height, before once again rising to the summit of Froswick. Looking back I got a great view of Ill Bell which I had just left around fifteen minutes earlier.

After Froswick the ridge started to merge with High Street range of fells at the head of the Kentmere valley. I decided to follow the contour around towards Mardale Ill Bell. I later regretted not paying High Street summit a visit. It would have added at least another hour onto the walk, but I am sure it would have been worth it. I was new to this area at that time, so this is just something that I have learnt with experience.

The path took me round to the ridge that joined Mardale Ill Bell with Harter Fell. At the shelter I looked down to the small tarn on the north side of the ridge. It was very picturesque. However, I was heading down the path on the opposite side
of the ridge back towards Kentmere.

From here I could see Kentmere Reservoir and the Ill Bell ridge that I had walked along earlier in the day. The path descended steeply at first and then started to level out slightly. I noticed that there were loose rocks of marble scattered here and there. Eventually the path became a low level walk and joined with a tarmac lane after passing some picturesque country scenery. I followed this lane back into Kentmere.

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